Improved efficiency, increased production & enhanced systems

At LCP Dental Team Coaching, we offer a comprehensive, results-oriented, phased approach to systems and processes that help dental practices achieve the tangible results they have been looking for.

Our team will visit your office, evaluate your facility and systems, and provide customized coaching and training including manuals, interactive exercises, role-playing and assisted implementation. We also provide ongoing support to ensure your team members' commitment remains elevated, to answer questions, help overcome obstacles and provide monthly feedback on practice Vital Signs.

Wouldn't you like to know what's working and what's not in your dental practice?

We have been very pleased with the LCP Team. As the owner/dentist, I feel one of the biggest things they provide is accountability and follow-up. This is where I struggled as the team leader. It is essential to have proper follow through, especially when establishing new systems and tweaking old ones. They also helped instill a level of professionalism and seriousness into my team to help them “get it.” Each time I talk with them, I feel uplifted and energized to continue to take my office to the next level.
— Dr. Stump

Areas of emphasis

Processes Refinement

Putting systems and processes in place takes the guesswork out of improving your office's performance, and makes it possible for your team to perform above their level of experience. These same processes protect your time, your profit, and your ability to grow.

Improved Analytics

It's amazing where you can go when you know where you really are! Production goals, collection targets, and marketing strategies all require your practice to have a reliable system for collecting and reporting performance data.


Scheduling Development

Block scheduling, daily doctor and hygienist goals, and reminder systems can transform your productivity and efficiency. Don't put in more hours - be more effective with the hours you're already working. When profitability and flexibility increase together, amazing things can happen.

Team Skills Training

Professionalism, verbal skills, customer service, and productivity all improve with the right training and support. Initial training, as-needed skills improvement, and on-going support are all part of the consulting programs at LCP Dental Team Coaching. From simple tools to individualized training, we can help you take your practice to the next level.

Team-Building Exercises

We can help you hire the right team members to avoid costly human resource changes, and improve the way your office works together. Not only will your stress level drop, but your patient retention and referrals will also improve. Build your dream practice by building your dream team!

Organizational-Change Preparation

Whether you are adding an associate, retiring a doctor, or preparing to sell your practice, seasons of organizational change are an ideal time to enlist the support of a consultant. Make (and recover from) changes profitably, and with the full support of your team.