Julie Weir & Associates Becomes
LCP Dental Coaching

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       Taking our Inheritance to the Next Level


Meet Lilly
The owner of lcp

It's such an honor to inherit the fantastic legacy of Julie Weir & Associates. Truly a nationally recognized coaching and consultation firm, our new leadership team will vehemently protect the core values and competencies established by Julie Weir, all while bringing our own strengths and systems into the mix. This synergy of two complementary skill sets is already proving value to all the clients that have been with JWA for years. 

Julie Weir & Associates has been a leader in the dental industry for decades. We will continue to teach the proven system that ensure the success and health of a dental practice. LCP now brings a more of a personal touch to team training... a level of customization to our proven systems, ensuring that the goals and strategies for each practice reflects the dreams and personalities of our dentists. 


                                                                   Adding A New set of strengths


+ Easy to implement Practice Stats Reports

+ Consistent focus on practice & team goals

+ Leadership & strategy development

+ Accelerated on-site team training

+ Monthly video coaching

+ Business, leadership, systems & marketing 

I am grateful for the opportunity, to continue to grow this incredible company, and build upon Julie’s wonderful legacy and leadership.
— Lilly Cortes-Pona