Hire Right the First Time: Part 2


Follow a Hiring System Before the Actual Interview

Create a Job Description

Identify the specific job duties and traits/strengths needed to perform the job effectively. Behavioral assessment surveys help put the right person in the right job by picking the candidate with the right strengths.

Write an Effective Ad

Realize that the best workers are already working for someone else, however, they may not be satisfied and would like to change jobs. Rather than placing the standard ad that is worded like everyone else’s, write an ad that includes motivators for the type of person you would like to hire.

How to Find Applicants

  • Word of mouth

  • Ziprecruiter

  • Indeed

  • Dental Post

  • Millennials seek out employers. Large practices can have a section on their website, “Join our growing team,” with information about applying for employment.

  • Post ad at the local college career center


Have Applicants Email Resumes to the Office

This allows applicants to be prescreened and an indication of their ability to follow directions.

To learn more about how to hire right and the steps you should take before interviewing a potential candidate, click here to message us so we can have a conversation about it!

Stay tuned for next months blog, Hire Right the First Time: Part 3.

The LCP Team