Hire Right the First Time: Part 5


Pre and Post Hiring Process Once You Have a New Hire


After the applicant accepts the position being offered, have them complete all required personal records. Employee files should be kept in a locked file.

Introduce them to all team members. They must be made to feel welcome and part of the team.

Have them read the office manual and sign a statement that they have read and agree with the office policies.

Review the salary and benefits package.

Share and discuss the practice’s patient and team mission statements, what they mean and how to live it in the office.

Communicate your practice culture; who oversees what, who they report to, attitudes and communication that are expected and those that are not as well as your practice philosophy and beliefs.

Go over the written job description.


Encourage Team Relationships

Arrange to have different staff members, who will be working closely with the new employee, go to lunch with them


Training the New Employee

Create a list of duties they must be proficient in. Mark the duties off as the employee demonstrates acceptable ability.

Assign a well-trained veteran team member to instruct the new employee, answer questions and check progress.

Use the method; Tell, Show, Do

Ask: What do you know about this? What are your strengths, weaknesses? How can I best teach you? How do you like to learn something new?

Tell the new hire: The importance of each function and how it fits into the big picture. The benchmark of acceptable performance for each job duty they have.

Have the new hire roleplay as much as possible. They will not own the new behavior until they have done it themselves several times.


Regularly Coach the New Employee

Have a five to 10-minute debriefing with the new hire at the end of each day for the first two weeks. Every other day for weeks three and four. The doctor and office manager should conduct a 30, 60- and 90-day review.

Review daily with the new hire: What they did well? What and how they need to do something differently? What you want them to focus on the next day? Ask what was their biggest struggle today?  Ask what they would like help with tomorrow? ›Ask what they learned today that impacted them the most?

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The LCP Team