Team Building & Team Retreats


Why are team building activities important?

Are you scheduling frequent team building activities outside of your dental office? Putting your team in a different environment will give them more opportunity to bond and learn new things about each other. Typically, we recommend planning quarterly team building activities and annual team retreats.

Team building activities are important because they encourage the team to work together outside of the dental environment, discover and understand each other’s strengths, create better work relationships and build a strong sense of dependability with each other.  Some ideas for team building activities are visiting a ropes course, cooking classes, inviting a coach that specializes in team building to spend an afternoon with your team.

The purpose of a team retreat is to get team members focused, encourage bonding and energize and refresh the team. Team retreats are different than team building exercises; they create an opportunity to collaborate in a more concentrated setting to celebrate success and problem solve to overcome areas in the practice that need improvement. Some ideas for off-site team retreats are spending two days at a resort and have part of the day discussing practice items and leadership skills and the rest of the day enjoying the hotel, spa, local museums and art galleries, going for hikes and much more.

Need more ideas for fun team building exercises that you can do inside or outside of you of pediatric dental practice? Reach out to an LCP team member today by clicking here and we would be happy to discuss ideas. We look forward to helping in any way we can.

The LCP Team