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Coaching & Training


Our philosophy is simple. We emphasize team training, excellent strategy, experienced coaching, and signature systems to ensure our client practices achieve success. All of our coaching programs are customized to meet your specific needs, and each member of the LCP Team will bring their expertise to help you achieve your specific goals. 

Improve your production, collections, team performance & new patient quality, while receiving the resources & coaching you need to develop your team.

Let's create your dream practice together!



Starting with an onsite training, the LCP Team will take your team through an effective training program designed with your needs in mind. We bring lots of energy to keep the training processes fun and positive, while equipping your team with the best systems in the dental industry. Each team member will receive individual coaching, group training in the key benchmark areas, and opportunities to practice what they are learning. Even in the midst of your onsite training, we will be mindful to interrupt your workflow as little as possible.

Through the initial training, you and your team will have unlimited phone support. Whether you would like clarification on a technique you are implementing, or need a quick troubleshooting session, our team will be available for follow-up phone calls for 60 days. You will also receive a digital copy of the information used in your live training. In addition to our comprehensive training systems, we also offer simple training programs and tools that can be used to solve specific problems.

Whether your team needs improved verbal skills, professionalism, customer service, or teamwork skills, our training programs can give your office what it needs!


Areas of Emphasis


Effective Leadership

Raise your influence, effectiveness, and teamwork in every area, using key leadership tools and practices. Whether you desire to decrease stress or increase performance and your targeted patient base, effective leadership will pave the way.


Success Mapping

A business plan is your road map for growth. A few key elements will include: Break-Even Analysis, Overhead Expense Budgeting, Goals, & PPO Management.


Financial Analysis

Your numbers tell a story, and our consultants show you how to identify untapped potential and areas for growth. Use clear financial reporting to boost collections, improve performance, and reach a higher level of efficiency.


Team Building

Creating and sustaining an environment of caring cooperation and teamwork will not only make your team and clients happier, but it will also make your practice much more productive and profitable. We will help you use and understand expert PDP assessments that can transform your office environment. We can also provide live training to build teamwork skills in your office.


Front-Desk Systems

Give your frontline specialists the training and tools that will guarantee them to be rock stars for your practice. We take front office teams and managers through training in: Scheduling, Recare, Verbal Scripts, Telephone Skills, Accounts Receivable, Billing, Insurance, Financial Policies, Treatment Presentation and Acceptance, Patient Arrival and Dismissal, and Division of Duties for Accountability.


Hiring Team Members

We make it simple to find and retain the right team for your practice with tools and reports that will help attract top performers, highlight behavior traits and strengths, and make the interviewing and training process a success. Get more from the people you have and attract and choose great people through our training and programs like the Hire Right Program.